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The Year 2001 Race

Vaclav Chalupa: The Questionnaire

What is the best moment in your career as a sculler?
Silver in Barcelona 1992 Olympics.
Can you describe who is your toughest opposition in the HTWSC?
The Thames.
Is there anything else you think about the other athletes?
I never underrate the other rivals.
What will you do differently in the race this year compared to last year?
Hope that there will be no difference compared to last year.
Are you going to win this year? And why?
Of course!! Every racer wants to win.
What is the best moment ever in a boat?
To win, be the first.
Most embarrassing moment?
All negative moments I can't influence....
Who do you admire most in rowing?
Steve Redgrave, Thomas Lange.
What do you like most about Britain?
What other things are you going to do in London?
I look forward to meet my rowing-friends and spend the time with them in a nice London atmosphere.

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